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The Deadline for Volume XXVI Submissions Has Been Extended!

Because we want a diverse and quality selection of philosophy papers to choose from for this years’ publication, the editors have decided to extend the deadline for submissions to December 19, midnight. This should provide time for students to assemble their best term papers for consideration. We look forward to reading your work!

Bawden, Bunyan, and the Syllogisiac 40b: A Brief History of Denison Philosophy


Episteme’s faculty advisor, Dr. Sam Cowling, spent quite a bit of time during the 2013-2014 school year looking through the Denison Archives to learn more about the somewhat “lost” history of Denison’s Philosophy Department. In this lecture, Dr. Cowling discusses some of the notable philosophers who’ve passed through the Philosophy Department, served as President of the University, or built Denison’s most notable logical artifact: the Syllogiac 40b.

Listen to the podcast of the lecture to learn about the prominent, yet interesting figures that have passed through Denison’s halls and influenced the Philosophy taught within them.


                   C.L. Herrick                                  D.B. Purinton                     Purinton’s biography

herrick purintonbigpurintonbio





           Bunyan Spencer                         Thomas A. Lewis                             H.H. Bawden

bunyan lewisbawdenvassarBIG




                 Champ Ward                               Harold Titus                              Maylon Hepp








Frank Bayley


A Farewell and Interview with James T. Hong

At Denison, the summer has come to an end, and with it my summer gig working on digitizing Episteme.  It has been an honor for me to put in this work to make Episteme more visible and useful. As much as I love this journal, I am no longer an undergraduate and so must move on. I am sure the new year’s staff will do a fine job and I look forward to accessing Episteme as a common user.

I leave you with an interview I conducted with one of Episteme‘s former authors, James T. Hong. Although there’s been a page for this interview on this site for about a month, it is only now that we have made this interview public. I hope you enjoy it, and that it is only the beginning of a series of cool offerings Episteme Online provides.

Sincerely, Sean

Nearing Completion

All summer I, Sean Walt, have been gradually updating/changing this new website, the future digital homepage to all things Episteme. As I near the final stages, I have decided to change the visibility of many of the pages within the site. This action comes as a measure to keep you early readers from getting your hopes up. I know what most of you are interested in: reading the archived volumes of the journal. Unfortunately, these pages are the trickiest for me to go live with. By the end of this month, most likely by about two weeks from now, these pages will be complete. At that time, we here at Episteme Online will officially launch the website and make every page publicly visible. I apologize to those of you who, in the past, might have experienced any frustration due to the lack of content on the site.  I assure you that this summer project is nearing completion. Once completed, Episteme Online will be fully functional, updated as is necessary, and be a great host for a variety of interesting philosophy. Thank you.

Episteme Online

Episteme is distinguished as being the oldest  undergraduate philosophy publication of its kind. After publishing print versions of the journal for 21 consecutive years, beginning in 1990, this Denison University journal has recently begun to publish digital versions of its archives and will publish simultaneous print and online versions of future journals.  By the time this summer project is complete, users will be able to access the entire archive of published Episteme papers and the additional supplementary information available on this site. We all feel that philosophy students at all levels, of all varieties, and in all places can benefit from this opportunity to search and find over 100 articles of top-notch undergraduate philosophy work. We hope to provide a thought-provoking, user-friendly learning experience. Enjoy.

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