Salvete from the Department of Classics at Denison University!

Our program offers a large variety of courses in Greek, Latin and Classical culture. We offer majors in Classics (both Greek and Latin), Latin and Greek with an emphasis on language and literature. We offer Greek and Latin courses from beginning to advanced with advanced-level courses ranging from single-author courses on authors like Cicero, Ovid, Herodotus and Homer to thematic courses such as Funeral Oratory in ancient Athens and the figure of Medea in Greek literature. Courses offered in translation include Greek and Roman history and civilization, Classical mythology, race and ethnicity in antiquity, women in antiquity, art and politics, Greek and Roman drama and more.

Students in the Department of Classics have strong working relationships with the faculty and multiple opportunities for independent research with the Classics faculty. This year (2011) we have 6 classics majors who received fellowships to conduct research in Classics through the Denison Young Summer Scholars Program.

The Department is home to two student organizations, LUDUS and Eta Sigma Phi. These organizations provide social and academic forums for students to engage with the Classical world and their fellow majors and minors.

If you have any questions about the program, please contact any of the Classics department faculty!

  • Timothy Hofmeister (; Greek epic and Homer, Greek Comedy, Classical Tradition and Reception)
  • Garrett Jacobsen (; Latin epic and elegiac poetry, Ovid, Classical Tradition and Reception, Classical Mythology)
  • Rebecca Kennedy (; Athenian Tragedy, Greek and Roman Historiography, Greek Political and Cultural History, Ethnography and Geography in the Classical World)