Ephemeris requests that all submissions follow Chicago Manual of Style, 14th ed. and should be sent as a .doc attachment in email directed to: A. Wisenbarger (wisenb_a1@denison.edu) or Prof. Kennedy (kennedyr@denison.edu).

Please also follow these basic guidelines below:

1. Abbreviations. Refrain from scholarly abbreviations in references (op. cit., ad loc., ff.). Use short titles instead of op. cit. Do not italicize common Latin abbreviations (e.g., et al.).

2. Classical works. For abbreviations of classical works, authors, and journals, Ephemeris prefers the Oxford Classical Dictionary (OCD).

3. Eras and dates. The journal prefers B.C.E., C.E.

4. Illustrations. The author should only include images which are their own or not in copyright or for which they have received permission to use. Permission should be included in the image description.

5. Greek and Latin. Please use a unicode font for Greek. Don’t mix Greek or Latin into the syntax of an English sentence; give the original language first or after the English version. Please check all Greek and Latin quotations, especially for accents and line numbering. (It is a good idea to photocopy lengthy Latin or Greek passages so that you can quickly check them against proofs.) Please include translations (with acknowledgment if not your own) of all Greek and Latin text.

6. Bibliography and Citations: Please cite ancient sources within the body-text in parenthesis. Scholarly sources should be placed in footnotes. Please see previous issues for samples of proper bibliographic citation.