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Denison University's International Undergraduate Journal of Philosophy

Volume XXVIII is Available!

After a long and difficult process of sorting through some really good papers, we are here to present the latest volume of EpistemeYou can see Volume XXVIII here. Thank you to this years’ authors, who not only contributed their best work but had the endurance to bear with the editors and staff through the publication process.

The new volume features:

  • The End of Nietzsche’s Will to Power: Domination and Efficacy
    Julian D. Jacobs, Brown University
  • Space and Sensibilia
    Michael Bevan, University of Reading, U.K.
  • Representation and Reality in Monetary Theory
    Aaron Weddle, University of West Georgia
  • Self-Care as a Burdened Virtue
    Kirsten Donato, Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
  • Heidegger’s Philosophy of Language in Being and Time
    Polina Sandler, Brown University

Thank you to all who sent in submissions, and congratulations to our published authors on work well done. We would also like to announce Peter Heft as our new Editor-in-Chief. Peter served as Co-Editor this year, and was an incredible help. Please submit to Episteme Volume XXIV: submission date December 17th, 2017. We will send out a call for papers soon.


Volume XXVII is Available!

As well our contributors know, this year was an especially fraught one in terms of putting the journal together– between acquiring new software, switching to digital distribution, and a pair of withdrawn submissions Episteme’s staff had its work cut out for it. Nonetheless, we are proud to present the latest volume, available here. Thank you to this years’ authors, who not only contributed their best work but had the endurance to bear with the editors and staff through the publication process.

The new volume features:

  • Uncovering Gender in Hegel’s ‘Ethical Order’ in the Phenomenology of Spirit
    Heather Stewart, University of Louisville

  • Naturalism, Specialism, and the Completeness of Physics
    Elek Lane, Chicago University

  • Why I am a Free Will Skeptic: The Free Will Advocate’s Burden and Pride
    Cameron Davis, Johns Hopkins University

  • A Defense of Denotative Theory from Kripke’s Criticism
    Tomoya Imaizumi, Kyoto University

I am also excited to announce that there will be a change of staff. Next year’s editors will be Elizabeth Van Ness and Peter Heft. Both were immense help in putting the journal together this year and will fulfill the roles of Editor-in-Chief and Web Editor respectively. Congratulations!


Episteme Volume XXVI is now Available

After much debate over (and considerable enjoyment of) this year’s submissions, the editing staff finally agreed on four papers and assembled them for the May 2016 publication. It may be viewed here, at the “Current Volume” page. Congratulations to the following authors (and thank you for your considerable patience and help in putting together this year’s publication):

  • Absurd Time: Understanding Camus’ Quantitative Ethics Through Bergsonian Duration
    Thomas Ruan, Swarthmore College
  • Is the Truth Contextual?
    Christofer Koch, East Washington University
  • Practically Faithful: James’ Religious Pragmatism as a Response to Hume
    Moriah Ellenbogen, Denison University
  • Latent Angst, Disclosure, and Attunement: On Heidegger’s Grounding of Falling in Fleeing
    Colin Bodayle, Belmont University

Special Announcement Concerning Distribution:

Due to technical difficulties with the printing process and staff shortages toward the end of the semester, Episteme has consistently pushed back its hard-copy publication to the Fall Semester following the digital release. This year’s issue is no different. Eager recipients will receive their copies around September, without our profoundest apologies for the delay.

In order to remedy the delay (and to render its operations more environmentally friendly), Episteme will be winding down its hard-copy production with the publication of Volume XXVII. This means that physical copies of the journal will be mailed to the authors, and a few extra copies will be reserved for posterity. However, distribution to other universities will be completely digitized.

That said, the Call for Papers for Volume XXVII has already been posted. Submission guidelines and a print-friendly pdf of the Call for Papers may be found here. Remember, it’s never too early to submit!


The Deadline for Volume XXVI Submissions Has Been Extended!

Because we want a diverse and quality selection of philosophy papers to choose from for this years’ publication, the editors have decided to extend the deadline for submissions to December 19, midnight. This should provide time for students to assemble their best term papers for consideration. We look forward to reading your work!


Bawden, Bunyan, and the Syllogisiac 40b: A Brief History of Denison Philosophy

Episteme’s faculty advisor, Dr. Sam Cowling, spent quite a bit of time during the 2013-2014 school year looking through the Denison Archives to learn more about the somewhat “lost” history of Denison’s Philosophy Department. In this lecture, Dr. Cowling discusses some of the notable philosophers who’ve passed through the Philosophy Department, served as President of the University, or built Denison’s most notable logical artifact: the Syllogiac 40b.

Listen to the podcast of the lecture to learn about the prominent, yet interesting figures that have passed through Denison’s halls and influenced the Philosophy taught within them.


                   C.L. Herrick                                  D.B. Purinton                     Purinton’s biography

herrick purintonbigpurintonbio





           Bunyan Spencer                         Thomas A. Lewis                             H.H. Bawden

bunyan lewisbawdenvassarBIG


                 Champ Ward                               Harold Titus                              Maylon Hepp








Frank Bayley



A Farewell and Interview with James T. Hong

At Denison, the summer has come to an end, and with it my summer gig working on digitizing Episteme.  It has been an honor for me to put in this work to make Episteme more visible and useful. As much as I love this journal, I am no longer an undergraduate and so must move on. I am sure the new year’s staff will do a fine job and I look forward to accessing Episteme as a common user.

I leave you with an interview I conducted with one of Episteme‘s former authors, James T. Hong. Although there’s been a page for this interview on this site for about a month, it is only now that we have made this interview public. I hope you enjoy it, and that it is only the beginning of a series of cool offerings Episteme Online provides.

Sincerely, Sean


Nearing Completion

All summer I, Sean Walt, have been gradually updating/changing this new website, the future digital homepage to all things Episteme. As I near the final stages, I have decided to change the visibility of many of the pages within the site. This action comes as a measure to keep you early readers from getting your hopes up. I know what most of you are interested in: reading the archived volumes of the journal. Unfortunately, these pages are the trickiest for me to go live with. By the end of this month, most likely by about two weeks from now, these pages will be complete. At that time, we here at Episteme Online will officially launch the website and make every page publicly visible. I apologize to those of you who, in the past, might have experienced any frustration due to the lack of content on the site.  I assure you that this summer project is nearing completion. Once completed, Episteme Online will be fully functional, updated as is necessary, and be a great host for a variety of interesting philosophy. Thank you.

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