All summer I, Sean Walt, have been gradually updating/changing this new website, the future digital homepage to all things Episteme. As I near the final stages, I have decided to change the visibility of many of the pages within the site. This action comes as a measure to keep you early readers from getting your hopes up. I know what most of you are interested in: reading the archived volumes of the journal. Unfortunately, these pages are the trickiest for me to go live with. By the end of this month, most likely by about two weeks from now, these pages will be complete. At that time, we here at Episteme Online will officially launch the website and make every page publicly visible. I apologize to those of you who, in the past, might have experienced any frustration due to the lack of content on the site.  I assure you that this summer project is nearing completion. Once completed, Episteme Online will be fully functional, updated as is necessary, and be a great host for a variety of interesting philosophy. Thank you.