Episteme’s faculty advisor, Dr. Sam Cowling, spent quite a bit of time during the 2013-2014 school year looking through the Denison Archives to learn more about the somewhat “lost” history of Denison’s Philosophy Department. In this lecture, Dr. Cowling discusses some of the notable philosophers who’ve passed through the Philosophy Department, served as President of the University, or built Denison’s most notable logical artifact: the Syllogiac 40b.

Listen to the podcast of the lecture to learn about the prominent, yet interesting figures that have passed through Denison’s halls and influenced the Philosophy taught within them.


                   C.L. Herrick                                  D.B. Purinton                     Purinton’s biography

herrick purintonbigpurintonbio





           Bunyan Spencer                         Thomas A. Lewis                             H.H. Bawden

bunyan lewisbawdenvassarBIG


                 Champ Ward                               Harold Titus                              Maylon Hepp








Frank Bayley