After much debate over (and considerable enjoyment of) this year’s submissions, the editing staff finally agreed on four papers and assembled them for the May 2016 publication. It may be viewed here, at the “Current Volume” page. Congratulations to the following authors (and thank you for your considerable patience and help in putting together this year’s publication):

  • Absurd Time: Understanding Camus’ Quantitative Ethics Through Bergsonian Duration
    Thomas Ruan, Swarthmore College
  • Is the Truth Contextual?
    Christofer Koch, East Washington University
  • Practically Faithful: James’ Religious Pragmatism as a Response to Hume
    Moriah Ellenbogen, Denison University
  • Latent Angst, Disclosure, and Attunement: On Heidegger’s Grounding of Falling in Fleeing
    Colin Bodayle, Belmont University

Special Announcement Concerning Distribution:

Due to technical difficulties with the printing process and staff shortages toward the end of the semester, Episteme has consistently pushed back its hard-copy publication to the Fall Semester following the digital release. This year’s issue is no different. Eager recipients will receive their copies around September, without our profoundest apologies for the delay.

In order to remedy the delay (and to render its operations more environmentally friendly), Episteme will be winding down its hard-copy production with the publication of Volume XXVII. This means that physical copies of the journal will be mailed to the authors, and a few extra copies will be reserved for posterity. However, distribution to other universities will be completely digitized.

That said, the Call for Papers for Volume XXVII has already been posted. Submission guidelines and a print-friendly pdf of the Call for Papers may be found here. Remember, it’s never too early to submit!