As well our contributors know, this year was an especially fraught one in terms of putting the journal together– between acquiring new software, switching to digital distribution, and a pair of withdrawn submissions Episteme’s staff had its work cut out for it. Nonetheless, we are proud to present the latest volume, available here. Thank you to this years’ authors, who not only contributed their best work but had the endurance to bear with the editors and staff through the publication process.

The new volume features:

  • Uncovering Gender in Hegel’s ‘Ethical Order’ in the Phenomenology of Spirit
    Heather Stewart, University of Louisville

  • Naturalism, Specialism, and the Completeness of Physics
    Elek Lane, Chicago University

  • Why I am a Free Will Skeptic: The Free Will Advocate’s Burden and Pride
    Cameron Davis, Johns Hopkins University

  • A Defense of Denotative Theory from Kripke’s Criticism
    Tomoya Imaizumi, Kyoto University

I am also excited to announce that there will be a change of staff. Next year’s editors will be Elizabeth Van Ness and Peter Heft. Both were immense help in putting the journal together this year and will fulfill the roles of Editor-in-Chief and Web Editor respectively. Congratulations!