Episteme is published annually in a spring/summer window that begins around May and closes in September. In recent years, hard copies of the journal have been created by Printing Arts Press. Episteme values its relationship with this local press.

Our common practice has been to mail free copies of our journal to roughly 300 college and university philosophy departments across the U.S. mostly, but also to those in a few other countries.

Because we always print slightly more copies than we mail out, we are able to populate our Episteme library with copies of the journal. Denison philosophy students are encouraged to request a free copy of Episteme, and not just the current volume–we are sufficiently stocked with most of the past volumes, too.

Finally, if you are affiliated with a philosophy department that regularly receives a copy of Episteme, that no longer wishes to receive an annual copy of our journal, please let us know. We will make sure you do not receive any further journals from us.