Beginning with Vol. XXII, the Editor(s)-in-Chief of a Episteme began the tradition of picking their favorite paper from the current volume of Episteme. “Favorite” is a deliberately imprecise adjective, allowing for a variety of criteria to factor-in and factor-out. This feature’s purpose is two-fold. First, it provides the lucky author with an even more distinguished honor. Second, it allows the Editor(s) to highlight a selection we are especially proud to include in the latest volume.

Selections and Editorial Blurbs:

Vol. XXII: Sean and Kimbrey choose “Against Fodor” as their Editors’ Pick. Rafael Ventura’s paper exhibits excellence in thorough and convincing argumentation. Kimbrey, who graduated with a degree in Biology at Denison, notes that the author does a great job of critiquing Fodor’s sorely mistaken point of view. Sean especially admires the paper’s organization and pleasing style of writing.