By Sean Walt.

During the reading and abstracting process I undertook to reintroduce the work inside Episteme‘s archive, I made a note of the my favorite papers. I wouldn’t say these were my favorite papers based on topic, really. It’s more that I immediately recognized that these papers displayed an uncommon level of original philosophy, writing craft and/or impressive exegesis. I won’t pretend that my choosing was objective; I have only my undergraduate philosophy degree, my single perspective, and my incomplete knowledge of the various branches and schools of philosophy. But nonetheless I wanted to share my choices to direct the curious reader toward some of the best philosophy in Episteme.

Seventeen papers in date-order:

Vol. I, Lisa Bellantoni, “Kant Revisited”

Vol. II, Steven Corinth, “Loving the Other: An Inter-Subjective Alternative to Sartre’s Analysis”

Vol. IV, David E. Leboeuf, “How Not to Read Rorty”

Vol. V, J. Perry Ellis IV, “The Origin of an Inquiry: Evolutionary Epistemology in James’ Pragmatism

Vol. V, Kevin Thomson, “Hartman, Kolb, Pippen and the Unhappy Consciousness”

Vol. VI, Laura M. Bruce, “Subjectivity vs. Use: A Heideggerian Critique of Sartrean Values”

Vol. VIII, Andrew Miller, “Explanatory Pervasion and the Unity of Science”

Vol. XI, Benjamin McMyler, “Gadamer and the Authenticity of Openness”

Vol. XII, Andrew Thomas LaZella, “Revolutionary Modality in Merleau-Ponty’s Philosophy of Ambiguity: A Phenomenological Basis for Critical Politics”

Vol. XII, David James Anderson, “Deep Problems for Bayesianism”

Vol. XIII, Lauren Hartzell, “Anaphoric Deflationism: Truth and Reference”

Vol. XIII, Elliot Reed, “Functionalism, Qualia, and Other Minds”

Vol. XVI, Govind Persad, “The Ethical Ramifications of Recent Advances in Ovarian Transplantation”

Vol. XVIII, Ryan Victor, “The Extended Room or What Otto Didn’t Know”

Vol. XX, Willie Costello, “The Place of Book X in Plato’s Republic

Vol. XXII, Rafael Ventura, “Against Fodor”

Vol. XXII, Jake Quilty-Dunn, “Kantian Realism”