Elizabeth VanNess (Editor-in-Chief) is a senior philosophy major. This summer she will be conducting research on death and the will to live.

ErinErin Stevens (CoEditor) is a junior Philosophy and Biology double major from Louisville, Kentucky. She is most interested in topics within philosophy of science and philosophy of biology such as the metaphysics of biological species. When she has time, she enjoys running, singing, vegan cooking, and spending time with cats—any cats. In addition to being co-editor of Episteme, she is a member of the Denison Chamber Singers and Denison’s Moot Court team.


antrimPeter Heft (Web Editor) is a sophomore philosophy major. When not engrossed in listening to records or doing work, he enjoys studying existentialism, environmental ethics/critiques of anthropocentrism, or watching gas prices and making snide and frustrated comments about geopolitics. At Denison he is a staff writer for The Bullsheet and enjoys “stirring the pot” on Facebook groups.