The Denison University Department of Philosophy offers undergraduate students many opportunities to learn the history of philosophy as well as the art of doing philosophy–and not just in the classroom.


titushepplectureTitus-Hepp Lecture Series
Each semester boasts an exciting lecture series that brings world-renowned philosophers to campus such as Peter Singer, Martha Nussbaum, John Haldane, Tyler Burge, and Sir Anthony Kenny. Lecturers give a one hour talk, which is then followed by an engaging Q&A session. A lunch for the speaker, students, and professors is also commonly held and offers an intimate setting for the students to engage with the lecture guest.


philosophycoffeebigredPhilosophy Coffees
Thrice a semester Philosophy Coffees offer engaging informal discussions between faculty and students. Each one centers around a different topic or question that is chosen by a committee of students. Past questions and topics have included “Is essence essential?”, “The stakes of knowledge”, “What do parents owe their children?”, and “What is Art?”. The Philosophy Department has also teamed up to host coffees with other academic departments at Denison such as the Political Science Department and the Neuroscience program.


Den-Ken Philosophy Daydenken2
Years ago, philosophy students at Denison and Kenyon College, another liberal arts college located less than an hour from Denison, would get together and talk about philosophy. This wonderful tradition was recently revived by students in the Spring of 2014 when students at each college hosted students from the other college for a day of philosophical discussion and socializing. This tradition provides an excellent opportunity for philosophy students to meet other philosophy students and discuss interesting philosophical issues.

philosophyloungePhilosophy Department Lounge
Each department in Knapp Hall, where the Philosophy Department is hosted, has its own study lounge where students can study and hang out. The Philosophy Lounge contains comfortable couches that are great for naps, a desktop computer, a table that seats 8, a wall covered in books from Herald Titus’s and Maylon Hepp’s personal libraries, and a door that connects to the professors’ offices. It is one of the few lounges in the building that both students and professors have turned into a unique social space. Some students have affectionately deemed it “their second home”.


Year-round, select students tutor others and/or share in the responsibility of creating the new volume of Episteme. And seniors go through the Senior Symposium capstone program designed to resemble the professional process of writing a peer-consulted philosophy paper to present and defend at a conference.

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