There are two of us who post on this blog. I believe my counterpart is more interested in poetry, and as I have a limited experience with poetry, I generally leave those posts to her. I understand short stories better, to be honest. However, I noticed this poem in my perusal of the archives, and knew I had to post it. I believe it summarizes my conflicted feelings on poetry perfectly.

I Hate Poetry

I have never been to Venice.
I don’t know how it is
To watch the willowy winter wind
Waltz across a stark savanna.
And I have never
Lain in bed on a steel grey morning
As the rain drummed her slender fingers
In boredom on the tin roof,

And been reminded of you.
But on Thursday, you and I went to the Drive-Thru
At Burger King together. You looked at me
And smiled when I ordered one
Chocolate shake, two straws.
We rode away in cardboard crowns.

Craig Bagno graduated as an English major in 1990. He wrote this his junior year, and it was published in the Spring 1989 issue.