February 26th is also known as Tell a Fairy Tale Day! Celebrate the day with these two fairy-esque poems from our archives, reprinted below.

Looking for Enchantment by Dennis Trudell

She waits wide-eyed and waits
Dew-lipped in sunbathed glade;
Always these trees had winked
And eyes had peeked from shade,
While elves all came to dance,
While the fairy pipers played.

She waits dew-eyed and knows
That years have blown away;
And if she had not crushed
The wildflowers yesterday,

Would elves then come to dance,
Would the fairy pipers play?


(this poem can be found on page 19 of the Spring 1959 issue here)


Fable of Two Ages by John Miller

On any legendary page, a girl
Is moved to pity by the shaggy skin,
When beauty bows and brute eyes beg release
From evil spell, a deep well’s liquids rinse
Away disguise; and from the outward Beast
Her catalytic love brings forth a prince.

But modern fables warn Red Riding Hood
To heed her Uncle Freud: no girl should swallow
Grandmas’s tale, or trust a pair of eyes;
And under flannel flanks the beasts arise,
The hair shirt is suspect, though shoes are shined.


(You can find this poem and more of John’s work on pages 27 and 28 of Spring 1955 issue here)